Superklean Washdown Products

An ISO 9001 manufacturer of Spray Nozzles, Swivel Fittings, 3-Piece Mixer Fittings, Hot & Cold Water Mixing Stations, Steam & Cold Water Mixing Stations, Hoses, Hose Racks, and Hose Accessories. Superklean is your number one source for Industrial Cleaning Equipment for all your sanitation needs.

Washdown products include hot and cold water mixing units specifically designed for thoroughly blending hot and cold water instantly by mixing supplied hot water with cold water to achieve required temperature output.  Offered in both Brass and Stainless Steel construction. The Duramix 8000 steam and cold water mixers. The most innovative steam and cold water mixing unit specifically designed to provide safe and efficient means of clean up by producing hot water instantly and economically with little or no maintenance.  Offered in both Brass and Stainless Steel construction.

Superklean Washdown Products include: